March 2, 2007

Visa Update and More

There has been a lot going on in the last couple of days so I thought that I should get everybody updated. To do that, I'll have a section of my observations from the loss yesterday to the Yankees along with links to some other stories to get everybody back on track.

Game Two:
- Carlos Silva pitched horrible, but will have more time to improve. He pitched two innings and allowed five runs.

- Kevin Slowey continued to impress, he pitched two scoreless innings. Some of the guys he faced were Jeter, Giambi, and Rodriguez. Pretty good if you ask me.

- Hunter didn't play, but it wasn't because he was injured. Hunter said he simply wasn't scheduled to play.

- Lew Ford may need surgery on his knee. If he has surgery, he will still be expected to be ready for Opening Day.

- Jason Kubel will most likely be the Twins DH this season, however he made a diving catch in the loss.

For other information, I recommend you read the Box Score and La Velle's notes from the game.

Some Links:
The Pioneer Press has a couple of different stories. One talks about how Silva looked the same as he did last season and the other talks about how Kubel "took a healthy dive".

The Star Tribune has an article up about the Twins new stadium. They state that if the Twins want a new stadium, they may have to fork out more money.

A Fan's View gives a link to a Q & A with Terry Tiffee. Some of the questions include who his MVP would have been and what it was like to be left off of the Twins playoff roster.

SethSpeaks goes over the former Twins stats from Spring Training games. Some of the players included are Eric Milton, Jacque Jones, Shannon Stewart, and Doug Mientkiewicz.

Visa Update:
According to multiple sources, Sindey Ponson's visa problem could be solved. In the report, they say that his agent has found country to pick up his work visa. It also states that if he gets it, he could pitch as early as Monday, possibly against the Devil Rays.

The Game Tonight:
Tonight will be a game that I'm really looking forward to. The reason is because newly acquired pitcher Ramon Ortiz is set to make his debut for the Twins. I know it's just Spring Training, but it'll be interesting to see how he does and hopefully we'll get a look at what we might see out of our rotation this season. Ortiz will go against former Twin Kyle Lohse and the Cincinnati Reds at 5:05 CDT.