April 22, 2007

Game 18: Kansas City Royals

Ramon Ortiz pitched another good game today, but he and the Twins had to take a loss because the offense couldn't do anything. The final score was 3-1, and the Twins came up with only six hits in the loss. You have to feel bad for Ortiz, because he pitched seven quality innings, and was forced to take the loss.

As I mentioned above, Ortiz pitched a good game. Had it not been for the two-run homerun that he allowed in the third inning, he would have only given up one run. However, giving up just three runs is pretty good, and gives Ortiz another quality start on the season. Ortiz's final line was 7 innings, 7 hits, 3 runs and 4 strikeouts. With the loss, his ERA didn't change much and is now at 2.48. His record is now 3-1 on the season.

The bullpen pitched just one inning today as they have normally when Ortiz has taken the mound. Reyes came in first and recorded two outs before exiting for Guerrier. Guerrier walked the first batter and then got the final out.

I can't really say anything about the offense, because there basically wasn't any. One thing I can say is that they couldn't get anything started. In fact, they got only six hits off of De La Rosa and their rule five closer. The only two players that really showed up were Mauer, who went 2-3 and Cuddyer who got a RBI double.

For more stats, make sure to check out the Box Score.

Some Complaints:
I'm going to voice some of my complaints today, because there have been some things that I don't like right now.

1) Guerrier? I know he has pitched well, so I wont complain about this to much, but it just seems a little weird that he has been coming in so much in the seventh and eighth innings. Even in close games.

2) Rabe is getting to much playing time. I'm a little sick of seeing Josh Rabe get so many starts in leftfield. Personally, I don't see him as a major leaguer right now and think he should be in the minors. I know that we need someone to replace White, but why can't we play Tyner or Kubel more?

3) Number two leads to this one. It seems like everytime we face a lefty, Gardenhire takes Tyner and Kubel out of the lineup. What is it going to hurt to let them take some cuts against the left-handers? Also, they can't do any worse than Rabe.

These are my major complaints, and numbers two and three are the biggest ones. I don't have that much of a problem with Guerrier coming in, but it just seems a little but weird to me.

Next Game:
The Twins will play a Monday game as they open up a two game series with the Indians tomorrow at the Dome. The Twins will send out Carlos Silva (1-1; 2.05) to face off against Josh Sowers (0-1; 5.17) and the Cleveland Indians at 7:10 CT. The game will be on FSN North.