April 11, 2007

Game 7: New York Yankees

The Twins started their first losing streak yesterday with a 10-1 loss to the New York Yankees. the reason for the loss was much like the reasons for the loss on Monday, bad starting pitching and offense. Both of these things are huge keys to winning games, and both have been pretty bad since the beginning of the series.

Boof Bonser gave up three runs in the first two innings, but then settled down a little bit in the third and fourth innings. However, the fifth inning was the his worst inning, and he gave up four runs and put the Twins behind 7-0. Bonser's final line was 4.1 innings, 6 hits, 7 runs and just one strikeout.

The bullpen had to pitch 4.2 innings with Bonser's short outing, and for the most part they pitched very well. Crain came in to relieve Bonser in the fifth and then pitched the sixth inning allowing just two hits in his outing. Neshek pitched after Crain and struckout two in his scoreless and hit-less inning. Rincon returned from his neck soreness and gave up a hit, but managed to pitch a scoreless eighth. The bad inning came in the ninth when Reyes came into the game and in just that inning allowed 4 hits and 3 runs. So far this season, Reyes has looked both great and terrible, and Tuesday was terrible.

The offense was worse than it was on Monday, and that is pretty hard to do. On Monday, they got a total of six hits, but on Tuesday, they managed only five. The Twins had a few chances early, but missed out and really hurt their momentum for the game. On chance was when Cuddyer was at third with just one out, and Hunter struckout. At that point, the Twins were down only 3-0. Then again, when the Twins were still down just 3-0, the Twins had runner at first and second and Cuddyer ended the opportunity by hitting into a double play.

The Twins hits included a double by Cuddyer and singles by Punto, Mauer, Redmond and Kubel.

For more stats from the Twins or the stats for the Yankees, check out the Box Score.

Bad Offense:
In the first series of the season, the Twins outscored the Orioles by a score of 17-8. Since then, the Twins have scored just 4 runs. At the same time, the hits have at least been cut in half, and they haven't gotten any clutch hits. I'm not exactly sure what they should do, but we need to get the offense fired up, and they definitely need to score more than four runs in a period of four games.

Next Game:
Ramon Ortiz (1-0) will make his second start tonight as the Twins try to end their first losing streak of the season. The Twins will face off against Mike Mussina (0-1) and the New York Yankees at 7:10 on FSN.