April 26, 2007

Injury Notes

There have been a lot of injuries lately, and this is a post to update everybody on the status of all of the players. If you don't know yet, Torii Hunter was added to that list in the second inning today when he got stitches after getting hit in the mouth.

The List:
Rondell White:
White was supposed to be back last Friday, but yesterday he re-injured his calf and will require at least another week.

Lew Ford:
Ford is expected to go on an assignment on Monday or Tuesday, but there is still no clear timetable for his return to the majors.

Torii Hunter:
Hunter was hit in the mouth today, and got stitches. The latest on him was that he returned to the Dome after going to the hospital and is listed as day to day.

Luis Castillo:
There hasn't been much said about Castillo in a long time, but I assume that he is still day to day.

Jeff Cirillo:
The last update on Cirillo was that he would be out for another month.

Mike Redmond:
Redmond got hit in the fourth inning by a back swing. He did get the winning hit so must be fine, but he will be checked tomorrow just to be cautious.

Casilla to Stay:
With all of the injures, people will have to be sent down to the minors when the players return. However, Gardenhire has mentioned that he would like to keep Casilla when Castillo and even Cirillo return to the team.

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