April 1, 2007

One Day to Go

There is only one day to go until the Twins officially kick off their 2007 season against the Baltimore Orioles. There have been a few things that have happened today that I would like to get everybody caught up, so here are some notes.

Twins Notes:
- As you probably already know, Twins broadcaster Herb Carneal passed away today at the age of 83. You can read more about that here and here.

- The Twins have announced that Mike Venafro has accepted his assignment to AAA Rochester, meaning he will be available if the Twins need another lefty.

- Ron Gardenhire announced that Carlos Silva will start Friday against the White Sox. This means that he will be the number four starter and Ponson the fifth starter.

- Gardenhire also said that he will not skip the fifth starter, and will wait to see how Santana feels to schedule his second start. However, Ponson will pitch on the other day meaning the White Sox will see Silva, Santana and Ponson

- This also means that the Yankees will most likely see Bonser, Ortiz and Silva the following week.

Baseball Tonight:
On Baseball Tonight before the Cardinals vs. Mets game, they showed this years All-Demoted team. On the list was Matt Garza. He was one of the players they actually talked about and they mentioned that he wont be down for long. But what caught me ear was when they said that scouts have told them that he looks like a young John Smoltz. I'd be pretty satisfied if he had a career like Smoltz. What do you think?

Next Post:
Tomorrow, I will have the final site changes up for Opening Day. With them, will be a season preview that covers the lineup, rotation, bullpen and bench. Each section will include a chart of the players and a summary.