May 21, 2007

Bullpen Hurt

The Twins bullpen was one of the biggest keys to the team's success last season. If a starter could hand the lead to the bullpen, often times it would bring the team a win because the bullpen was very reliable.

While the bullpen is still good this year, the injuries have been an often occurrence, and two of the biggest keys to the bullpen from last season are now currently injured. As you know, Jesse Crain will have surgery on his shoulder and miss the entire season. That, is bad enough. Now, we have found out that Reyes has been having pain as well and that could be the cause of his recent struggles.

Reyes had a MRI today, but according to Christensen of the Star Tribune, the Twins don't plan on having to make a roster move. However, based on Reyes comments, it looks like the injury may be more serious than the team thinks. “I’ve been pitching for a long time. Pitchers always feel pain, but this one is different. It’s real deep.”

I hope that he wont miss an extended period of time, and when the results of the test are known, I'll have them here.