May 17, 2007

Crain Likely Done

Jesse Crain was placed on the disabled list after the game on Tuesday, but the MRI has revealed a much worse injury. According to the test, Crain has both a torn rotator cuff and a torn labrum. These injuries were the worst possible things that could come back, and both require what will likely be season ending surgery.

Crain will have another MRI in New York on Friday, but unless the last one was completely wrong, he'll be out for the season, and the Twins will be looking for a replacement. I know I mentioned it yesterday, but that three-year deal doesn't look so good now.

Twins Notes:
In addition to this news, the losing ways are continuing as Santana pitched an awesome game today but the Twins lost 2-0. The Twins will head to Milwaukee on Friday for a three-game series, and here are some other notes.

- Julio DePaula pitched great in his first major league outing. He went a total of one inning and allowed just a hit while also strikingout one batter as well.

- The Twins will wait until after the game tomorrow to make a decision on the pitcher for Saturday's game. As of now, Scott Baker looks like he will be the team's choice.

- It turns out I was wrong about Venafro not wanting to be traded. According to the team's site, he requested a trade after his innings went down.

- Finally, Kevin Slowey continues to shine down in AAA. Here are his numbers from his most recent outing: 7.2IP, 1ER, 7H, 1BB, 6K, WIN (1.46ERA)