May 4, 2007

Game 29: Boston Red Sox

The Twins, not surprisingly, lost yet another game tonight despite the awesome performance by Carlos Silva. As you already know, the Twins offense has been horrible all season long, and that continued as they scored no runs on just four hits. I'm so frustrated and and sick of watching the Twins offense right now, and I'm also sick of sharing all of my negative thoughts with you, so I'll try to limit that.

Carlos Silva was horrible in Spring Training, but he has showed us how much Spring Training really matters with an awesome start to the season. That continued tonight as he allowed just one run in seven innings of work. Silva should be at least 4-0 this season, but when you have the kind of run support he has gotten, it's hard to do that. Silva's final line was 7 innings, 5 hits, 1 run and 1 strikeouts. As I mentioned above, he should be at least 4-0, however, he picked up the loss again tonight and is now 2-2 with a 2.75 ERA.

The bullpen was good with the exception of Juan Rincon. Pat Neshek pitched an awesome eighth inning to the middle of the Red Sox lineup. In his one inning of work, he allowed no hits and also picked up two strikeouts. Rincon came in for the ninth inning, and pretty much capped off a loss as he gave up another run and with only four hits on the night, that was almost out of reach. His total numbers for the inning were three hits, one run and a strikeout.

The offense was absolutely horrible for yet another game. The only thing that I can say was good was that Torii Hunter went 2-3 and extended his hitting streak to 19 games. Other than that, they left two runners in scoring position in the third inning and also got just one hit after that inning as well.

For the more of the very few stats for the Twins, check out the Box Score.

Next Game:
Tomorrow's matchup looks like an easy win for the Twins as they face off against a pitcher with an ERA over seven. However, in the past week, every pitch they have faced with a high ERA has looked like a Cy-Young winner.

Anyways, the Twins will face the Red Sox again tomorrow at 6:10 CT. The Twins will send out Johan Santana (3-2; 3.60) to face off against Julian Tavarez (1-2, 7.58) and the Boston Red Sox. The game will again be on FSN and lets see if we can get some hits.