May 6, 2007

Mauer Headed to DL

Joe Mauer had a MRI today on his sore left quad, and the results are not as good as the Twins would have hoped. The MRI revealed a strain in the quad as well as a small lump and some bleeding. Right now, it looks as if the Twins will place him on the DL after the game today and call up catcher Chris Heintz from AAA.

This injury comes as another big blow to the Twins. They are already without Rondell White and Michael Cuddyer, and now you add your number three hitter to the list and that hurts a lot. Cuddyer is supposed to be back on Tuesday which should help some, but whenever you are on a slump and then lose one of your best hitters, it's not good, especially when you have a very tough schedule in May.

I'll have an official announcement later and will also have a recap after the game.