May 5, 2007

Mauer Out Tonight

It was just reported that Joe Mauer will not play tonight because of a sore quad muscle. Mauer had played in a total of 28 games this season, and this will be just the second missed on the season. To replace him in the lineup, Mike Redmond will catch and also bat in Mauer's spot at number three.

This is one huge example of why the Twins have been so bad lately. They have a bunch of players that can't play through little injuries and a full team of players who get hurt way to often. This season, Cuddyer, Hunter, Castillo, Bartlett, Punto, White, Cirillo and Mauer have all been hurt at some point. Many of the injuries have been "just soreness" or "day to day". But often times they keep them out of the lineup much longer.

In my opinion, the Twins will not break out of this slump until the players start playing with the tiny pain they feel from their tiny injuries. I don't know how you feel about it, but if you're getting paid millions of dollars a year, you should be playing unless the pain in unbearable.

I should have a game recap up later tonight. Also, here is the lineup for tonight's game from La Velle. I should let you know right now that Reyes and Cuddyer are still out.


Will tonight be the night that we can get a homerun? Or even better, will tonight be the night that we can score a run?