May 16, 2007

More Mid-Week Notes

With all of the injures and some of the recent questions surrounding the team, I thought I should again get you readers caught up on some of the things happening with the team. I hope to get a recap up tonight or tomorrow if I have time, but until then, here are some notes.

- Rondell White has said that he expects to be back sometime in early June, and would like to play as soon as the June 1-6 road trip. I personally have to see it to believe it, because his injuries seem to take longer than they say.

- Garrett Jones collected his first major league hit in the 15-7 loss to the Indians yesterday. He is nearly 26, so it comes as a relief to finally be up in the majors. There is a chance that he will remain with the team, but he will have to hit well in the next few days.

- The Twins said they would like to keep 12 pitchers up in the majors when the make the decision on the next starter. There are rumors that the Twins will go with Scott Baker, which I personally wouldn't be very happy with.

- Finally, what I'd do with the roster is send down Julio DePaula for the starting pitcher. This would leave us with 11 pitchers, which I think would be capable of handling the load. This would also allow Jones more time to show what he could do, and give us that extra interleague bat at the same time.