May 20, 2007

One Month Wonder?

The Twins managed to play well this weekend and play good baseball on the way to a series win over the Milwaukee Brewers. But with the two wins, there were still some things that didn't go quite right, and it's time I share my opinion about those things that have taken place nearly all season.

First, let's start with Ramon Ortiz...

Ramon Ortiz got off to a great start this spring, and that carried over to April as well. In April, he was arguably the team's best pitcher going 3-1 with a total of 35 innings pitched and a 2.57 ERA. But when the month changed, so did the look of those great numbers.

In May, he has gone 0-3 in just 15.1 innings pitched and his ERA has been horrible at 11.92. Another thing that has been drastically different from April has been the number of innings pitched in each game. In April, he averaged seven innings every game, and so far this month, he has averaged just over three innings per game.

One major thing that I should mention is that Ortiz's numbers have actually been worse than Ponson's May number, the guy released because he pitched so poorly. Ponson had a 4.96 ERA and a 1-2 in the month of May in a total of three starts. In Ortiz's four starts, he has a 11.92 ERA and a 0-3 record.

All of these things raise the question of what the Twins should do next. In my opinion, the Twins should release him now and start the clock on Slowey or Garza. I feel that if the Twins let this continue, they will continue to fall back in the division, and it will also send the wrong message because after all, his numbers have been worse than a guy they got rid of.

We've talked about Ortiz now, but one player that has been bad but more unnoticed is left-hander Dennys Reyes...

Denny Reyes was spectacular for the Twins last season, and was a huge savior for a team looking for a left-hander after trading away disgruntled reliever J.C. Romero. But this season, things have not been at all like last season, and we haven't even seen glimpses of it either.

Last season, he posted a 0.89 ERA in a total of 66 games and 50.2 innings pitched. This season, it has been a totally different story as he has posted a 6.57 ERA in a total of 22 games and 12.2 innings.

As you look at his numbers throughout his career, it's hard to imagine how we didn't see this coming. Since his career started in 1997, he has just three seasons with an ERA under four while having the rest be somewhere above four including three season in which his ERA was above ten.

I'm not sure exactly what the Twins should do with Reyes, but if things don't get turned around, I think we need to turn to Perkins as the full-time guy and either limit Reye's role or get rid of him all together.