May 2, 2007


I know that I promised a game recap and some notes, but after watching a pathetic loss by the Twins tonight, I don't think I can even type a recap right now. You would think that with two outs and a two-run lead, you could beat the Devil Rays. But no, your All-Star closer gives up two runs and gets the blown save. The loss goes to Guerrier, but don't blame this on him because Nathan gave up two runs with two outs to the Devil Rays.

I don't know how you feel, but don't you think Nathan has been worse this season than in the past? I mean he's now given up two games to the Devil Rays, should have lost to the Mariners, and every other outing he has had, it seems like he always makes it into a big deal. In my opinion, if the Twins want to compete this year, and if they want to stay in the race with their tough schedule in May, they can't be giving up two-run leads in the ninth inning in games that they dominated the whole time. Nathan needs to turn it around and the Twins need to beat the bad teams, because they still have the Red Sox, Rangers, White Sox, Brewers, Indians and Tigers all coming up this month.

Enough with the ranting, I hope to get up a recap up tomorrow, but I'll be out of town so I'm not going to guarantee it. Hopefully Ortiz can get us a series and season win over the Rays tomorrow.