May 14, 2007

Setting Things Straight

There have been a couple of things that have happened in the last few days, so I thought I'd take this off-day to get caught up on that news and set some of the things straight. Below are some of the things that have happened and some include my take.

- Sidney Ponson was designated for assignment yesterday, and it looks like the Twins have chosen to release him rather then try and trade him or send him to the minors. For all of you Ponson fans, Ponson said that he plans to return to his home in Florida and is willing to pitch again this season if a team wants him.

- Mike Venafro was traded on Saturday to the Blue Jays, word is that he was traded for $1. This move was most likely Terry Ryan giving him a chance else where because they team has said that they plan on keeping Perkins in the bullpen.

- Perkins staying in the bullpen leads to the decision on who will start Friday in Ponson's place. The Twins said they plan on filling the spot and not skipping it. They have also said that they don't plan on filling it with Perkins, because they would like to keep two left-handers in the bullpen for now. This leaves Baker, Garza and Slowey all up for the job.

- As you know, the Twins called up Garrett Jones from AAA to take Ponson's spot on the roster. He should get a chance to play, and unless he impresses, I'd think that he would be the guy sent down for the starter on Friday. However, you never know, so stayed tuned.

- The Twins won yesterday by a final score of 16-4 on Sunday Night Baseball. I didn't get a game recap up, and now I think it is a little to late. However, they scored their 16 runs off of a total of 22 hits. It was a very fun game to watch, but lets hope it isn't just another one of those fluke games.

I'll have more on the move the Twins make later this week, and also hope to get a recap up of tomorrows, game against the Indians.