May 21, 2007

Things Going South

The Twins season started with a horrible offense and great pitching. The horrible offense has continued into May, and recently gotten a little bit better. However, the pitching has went downhill fast, and is still quickly getting worse.

The Twins are currently in the sixth inning with the Rangers, and I'm done watching that game because the team looks like crap. So far, Carlos Silva had his second horrible start in a row going only 4.1 innings while allowing 9 hits and 7 runs. Silva started off good just like Ortiz this season, but both have quickly went downhill, and are both two of the team's worst pitchers now.

On the other hand, the bullpen is quickly falling. As I mentioned in a post earlier, Crain is done for the year, and we're still waiting for what could be just as bad news about Reyes. Now, the Twins brought in recently called up Julio DePaula, and he looked like he should be sent to the minors immediately after the game. His final line was 0.2 innings, 4 hits, 5 runs and 3 walks. Four runs came off of a grand slam by a guy that had just one homerun all season in Laird.

I'm not sure what to even think right now, the Indians won and the Twins will soon be eight games back in the division. If things don't turn around soon, our chances to get back in the toughest division will quickly diminish.

Oh, did I mention that we have managed to make another horrible starter (Padilla) look like a Cy-Young winner?

*There will be no game recap tonight, because I can't even stand to write about it. Hopefully we can win the last two games with Bonser and Santana pitching.