May 28, 2007

What to Do....

Ramon Ortiz has been horrible in the month of May, and there have been no signs of that stopping. With his most recent bad performance on Saturday, the question now is what should the Twins do with him.

There are a couple of different options and routes that the Twins could take. One would give them some leaning room and would be a way to get there money out of him while the other would be the giving up route and losing all of their $3.1 million investment.

The first route that I'm talking about, and the one the Twins seem to be leaning towards, would be to send him to the bullpen. Doing this, would officially make Guerrier a seventh and eighth inning guy and make Ortiz the mop-up guy and the long reliever. This route would also give the Twins the chance to send DePaula back down since he hasn't been very good anyways. To fill the starter role, the Twins could wait to call up a pitcher and skip the start on Friday to give Jones another stint in the majors. Or, they could immediately call up Slowey (or Garza) to pitch on Friday.

The other option is one that the Twins don't seem to like very much right now. This option would be to simply release Ortiz and call up his replacement in Slowey or Garza. This option would waste their money, and also wouldn't give them someone to replace DePaula in the bullpen.

I must say that I like the option of putting him in the bullpen because I don't want him to go to waste, and DePaula just isn't cutting it. Also, I like the idea of Jones getting a few more at-bats and then seeing Slowey or Garza getting a chance.