June 5, 2007

All-Star Voting and More...

The most recent All-Star voting update has a few Twins players in the top five in voting. It also has a few, what I think well deserving players, not on the list at all. Here are the positions and the rankings for all of the Twins players on the list.

First Base:

1D. OrtizRed Sox775,734
2J. MorneauTwins351,497
3J. GiambiYankees283,006
4T. HafnerIndians230,623
5S. CaseyTigers207,337

With this recent update, Morneau has passed Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees for second place. He holds a pretty good lead over Giambi, but at the same time is getting beat pretty bad by David Ortiz.

1I. RodriguezTigers469,696
2J. MauerTwins438,365
3J. VaritekRed Sox413,153
4J. PosadaYankees392,908
5V. MartinezIndians206,377

Joe Mauer is in second place, and is just out of first place by a matter of about thirty-thousand votes. It wouldn't be hard to get him into first place, and make him the starter. However, if he can finish second he should make the team. Also, look at all of those catchers from the AL Central.

1V. GuerreroAngels782,268
2M. RamirezRed Sox600,463
3I. SuzukiMariners503,229
4T. HunterTwins419,035
5M. OrdonezTigers394,892

The outfield is actually pretty close, and with so many candidates, it's somewhat hard to get a commanding lead. Hunter has a pretty good chance to make the team if he can stay where he is right now, or just make the top five.

Missing Out:
In my opinion, there is one key guy that is not in the top five that should be. That guy is Luis Castillo who is having arguably his best career season. He is playing well defensively, and it seems as though he is getting a couple of hits per night. Hopefully he can make the top five, and if he doesn't make it, hopefully he'll be a player on the Final Vote ballot.

For the rest of the players on the other lists, check the story out here.

Also remember that the voting is still very early, and also make sure to vote either at the Dome or right from your computer.

Twins Notes:
- In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that Jason Miller was pitching pretty well. I might have jinxed him because last night he got just one out and allowed seven hits and eight runs.

- Joe Mauer is getting close to returning. He will play in an extended Spring Training game tonight, and could return as early as this Friday.

- Justin Morneau won his first Player of the Month Award yesterday. Along with the award, he gets a free HD-TV.

- There is a new Twins Blogger who posted his first post yesterday. His blog is named BOOF! Blogger and can be found by clicking the link or going to the right sidebar.

- Finally, I hope to get the game recaps up more regularly after the West Coast trip. With the games being so late, it's hard to get the recaps up on time.