June 22, 2007

Dukes In Minnesota?

Elijah Dukes is reportedly off the Tampa Bay Devil Ray's roster. After all of the off-field trouble he's had this season, it looks like the Devil Rays have had enough. This new is according to Marc Lancaster, and here is the quote.

It appears the Rays finally have given up on Elijah Dukes. The troubled
outfielder is off the roster, though it is not yet clear if he has been
designated for assignment or placed on the restricted list.

Dustan Mohr has been brought up from Durham to take Dukes’ place.
With this news, and the Twins needing another hitter, would the Twins want Dukes? Well, the only reason I bring this up as a possibility is because Torii Hunter has known Dukes for a long time, and has become his mentor. I feel as though Dukes would come to Minnesota, and I think he would also be a better person with Torii Hunter around.

The chance of this happening are small however because the Twins have always went a lot off of a player's past reputation and how they act when making a trade or signing.

However, I thought I should still put it out there, and was wondering how you guys would feel about the Twins adding Dukes, and what you think the chances are.

I'll have more on what actually happened to him later, because for all we know, he could have been traded. Just make sure to check this story again later for an update.

UPDATE: Dukes was not released or traded, but instead sent to Durham and placed him on the temporarily inactive list. This means that in order for the Twins to get him, they would need to make a trade, which makes a move more unlikely.

At the same time, I can't imagine Dukes is happy with the decision, and could demand a trade or release. So, if the Twins are still going after Ty Wiggington, Dukes may be a good add-in for that trade.