June 8, 2007

Interleague Play

The Minnesota Twins are returning home from their six game road trip, and will begin a stretch in which they will play fifteen games against Nation League teams. The teams are mostly eastern teams including the Nationals, Brave, Mets and Marlins. The one other team that the Twins will play is their National League rival, the Milwaukee Brewers.

The schedule includes mostly homes games as the first nine games will be played at home, and the last six on the road. The following table is the teams (in order) that the Twins will play, and the table includes the dates, home or away and the records of the teams.

Records as of June 6, 2007.

As far as I’m concerned, this schedule includes two very good teams, the Brave and Mets, two decent teams, the Brewers and Marlins, and one bad team, the Washington Nations.

The Braves and Mets have played well all season, and both have some great hitters and some great pitchers. The Brewers to me are decent because they play in arguably the worst division, the Marlins aren’t decent probably, but I can’t go as far to say they are horrible with Willis and Cabrera on their roster. The Nationals are somewhat horrible with some injuries to their pitchers, they are going with young guys, and they seem to be saving money for this off-season when they open their new ballpark. However, I wouldn’t overlook them because they do have some talent there.

Everything will get kicked off tonight when the Twins start their series with the Nationals at 7:10 CT. The game will be on FSN North, and the Twins will send out Carlos Silva (3-6; 3.86) to face off against Jason Simontacchi (2-4; 5.61).