June 11, 2007

Make Some Changes

The Twins have been playing pretty bad lately, and it seems as if they need to make some changes. I think they are just a couple of parts away from breaking out, and personally think they may be just one bat away from a good offense.

What really hurts the offense is that fact that the bottom of the order hasn't played very well. Often times, we can get the middle of the order on base, but when the bottom of the order comes up, the runners get stranded on base.

So, lets make some changes...

1) Get rid of Luis Rodriguez:
I like having Rodriguez around, but the fact is that he doesn't play, and is it worth having him on the roster to play one time every ten games? Instead, I think we should send him off so he can find a team where he might get more consistent playing time.

2) Bring up Garrett Jones:
One of the team's biggest problems is the fact that our designated hitter spot, and out bench have no power. We shouldn't be playing Jason Tyner at the DH, and in late game situations, we should have a guy to bring into the game with a homerun threat. Jones provides that, and it's time to give him a chance and see what he can do in the Major Leagues.

3) Keep Cali:
With the recent news of the upcoming return of Glen Perkins and Dennys Reyes, I think we should assure Cali that he will not be sent down. Instead, when Perkins is healthy, we should send him to AAA to give him more innings as a starter. On the other hand, if Reyes fails to pitch well, we can then call Perkins back up.

4) Garza's Chance:
I'm not going to say we should send Baker back down after one bad start, but if he does continue to pitch poorly, we need to give Garza a chance. In the division that we're in, we can't afford to fall back to far, so we should at least give other players a chance if someone can't get the job done.

5) Ditch Rondell:
I like Rondell White, and had no problem with the Twins resigning him last offseason. However, I think it's time to release him and give his roster spot to somebody else. It doesn't look like he is getting close to returning, and what's the point of waiting for him to get healthy when he won't be on the roster next season anyways.

6) Make a Trade:
I know that I've mentioned bringing up Garrett Jones, but I think even after that, we should make some sort of trade. There are plenty of guys out there available, and plenty of guys that could give us some power or even just a hitter off the bench. One guy would be Dmitri Young, he would definitely give this team a spark.

There are plenty of other guys to trade for as well, share them with us in the comments section along with other moves you think we should consider or make.

Speaking of a National's player, what has gotten into Guzman? Seeing him play this series makes me wonder how he might help this team. I'd be willing to bring him back, and he would add some spark to the bottom of the order.