June 22, 2007

Morneau Injury Updates

As I noted in tonight game recap, Justin Morneau was injured in a collision at the plate. Morneau scored but bent down and coughed up blood. When Morneau left the game, he was taken to the hospital on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on.

This post will be used to post updates on Morneau as we become more aware of his injury. I should note that I may not get it updated until tomorrow morning so check Joe's Blog for updates as well. First, below is the more recent information, and after that, I'll let you know if it is an update.

Morneau has been taken to the hospital for X-rays and scans to his chest. Since he arrived at the hospital, there is no word on his status.

Update 1:
Morneau is just going in for X-rays, and according to reports, when he left the stadium, he was alert and communicating with a handheld devise.

Final Update:
According to Joe, the X-rays on Justin Morneau have come back negative. Also, the CT scan came back normal. Justin will most likely not play for the rest of the series, and will be checked again on Sunday.

While this does not mean that Justin will not miss some time, or that the injury isn't for sure not serious, this first news is definitely good.

I'll have more tomorrow and on Sunday, and if you have a chance, go to Joe's Blog and thank him for the constant updates.