June 2, 2007

Some Observations

It has been a week since I have posted something that is about the Twins, so I'm going to take this time to get caught up both with the news surrounding the team and I'm also going to share my opinion on different situations and news. So, lets get started.

1) Ortiz to Bullpen, Slowey Called Up:
Ramon Ortiz has been bad in the month of May, and the Twins decided to move him to the bullpen. Slowey was called up, and to make room for him on the roster, the team optioned DePaula back to AAA.

I like all of the decisions here. I like Ortiz as a person, and think he is a great clubhouse guy. I'm glad they are going to let him try to get things corrected in the bullpen, and I'm also glad they aren't wasting their $3.1 million. I like the decision to bring up Slowey, because he has worked hard and really deserves to show what he can do. As far as the DePaula move goes, it was the obvious one because we needed one less right-hander with the addition of Ortiz to the bullpen.

2) Miller and Cali Doing Alright:
With both Reyes and Perkins going on the disabled list, the Twins were out of options to fill the left-handed pitching role in the bullpen. However, Carmen Cali and more so Jason Miller have stepped up and done a pretty good job.

Carmen Cali hasn't gotten into a lot of games, and the ones he has, have been mostly games that are either blowouts, or the Twins are losing in. It has been much the same for Miller, but he has gotten more innings, and has pitched better than Cali in my opinion. Either way, both have pitched well and so far have been able to keep the bullpen as good as it was with Reyes and Perkins in it.

3) Mauer Still Out:
Mauer went on the disabled list a while back, and we keep thinking that he is getting close to returning. However, he keeps having set backs including the most recent of him being sore after running the bases. The latest update on Mauer is that he may need a rehab stint because the Twins don't want to activate him and then find out that he needs to go back on the DL because he isn't ready. Right now, I'd say you can expect to see Mauer within a week.

4) What to do with Heintz:
When Mauer does return, it will bring with it questions of who should go. The Twins seem to want to keep Heintz in the majors when he returns mainly because they could then get the recently hot Redmond and Mauer into the lineup at the same time. Most likely, if Heintz stays, Redmond will do more catching and Mauer will get some time as the designated hitter. This move would also give the Twins a backup catcher when they do this.

To keep Heintz however, the Twins would then have to get rid of someone else to make room for Mauer. In my opinion, it would be Luis Rodriguez. Rodriguez to me is not needed as much, and Cirillo has been playing well lately. Also, if it comes to the point where they feel like they need another extra infielder, they could bring up Casilla who is probably a better option anyways.

5) Other Injury Decisions:
Another decision that the team will need to make is what to do when Rondell White returns. As of now, White still hasn't started a rehab stint, but is still working out in Fort Myers. When he returns, they will need to most likely get rid of an outfielder because they can't drop a pitcher, and they probably wont be able to drop an infielder. That means that Ford or Tyner would go, and I would rather it be Ford. However, there is one other alternative, and that would be to send Heintz back to the minors, or if Heintz was not kept as mentioned above, then they could get rid of Rodriguez at that point.