June 2, 2007

Upcoming Posts

Here is a small schedule of the posts I plan on getting up this weekend. I know I have been a little slow, but things should start to get more active now that May is over. Now, here is the schedule.

On Pace:
After tonight's game, the Twins will have played one-third of the season. So, I'm hoping to get a post up with the stats that each player is one pace to get by the end of the season. This may be a series of posts where I do the hitters and then pitchers.

Game Recaps:
I hope I'll be able to get recaps up for every game this weekend. I also still plan on getting one up from last night because Slowey pitched so well.

Former Twins:
I've been trying to keep up with what the Twins players from the last few years have been doing. So, I'll be having a post with the stats of former Twins players around the league. I should note that as I look around, many aren't as good as when they left.

Where Is...
I might not get this post up this weekend, but I do plan on doing it. As I was looking at finding some former Twins players, the name Tony Fiore came across my mind. All I could think of it how he basically disappeared after the 2003 season. The post will most likely just be a flash-back of his career with the Twins unless you readers have another idea.