July 31, 2007

Deadline Recap

The trade deadline for this season passed about two hours ago. Coming into the day, I was actually excited about it, hearing rumors about them being very interested in getting a hitter, or the rumors that Juan Rincon could actually be dealt with multiple teams interested.

However, for what I think is the second straight year, the deadline passed, no trades were made, and I'm again a very disappointed fan (in the front office at least).

First off, what does not making a trade show the fans and players? Not making a trade in my opinion shows the players that it is a lost season. The one thing this team needed most was a hitter, and by not adding one, it shows that there's no point because we don't have a chance. In addition to that, it gives the fans the wrong message about the rest of the season, and definitely doesn't give them any more incentive to come fill the stands.

Secondly, not making a trade won't make your franchise guy, Torii Hunter any happier, and obviously doesn't improve the chances of him coming back next season. (Boy, what would that be like in Minnesota? No KG or Torii?)

I personally wouldn't have been upset if the Twins had made even a small move. Maybe just trading Juan Rincon would have made me happy (Teams were interested in this horrible pitcher, and we didn't take anything for him. How's he going to help the rest of the season?).
I would have also been very excited if we could have added another hitter. Even if things didn't work out, we could say they tried, and move on.

But now, we can't say even that. We can't say that this team is getting any better, or that Torii will be back. Right now, we can't say a lot of things because this management failed to make even one tiny move. And finally, we can't see what the rest of this season will hold, or for that matter what the 2008 season will hold.

I'm hoping that this team will continue their strong play, and make the playoffs, because by not improving, I think Minnesota has went a long way towards losing another fan favorite and star.