July 19, 2007

The Future Is Now

UPDAE: I have now arranged the numbers so there is one spot remaining. So, the question now is who is the one player that you would like to see added. You can pick one off the list below, or you can share your own. In addition to this, if you think someone should be taken off, you can say that and tell the other players that should take their place.

Hey everybody, the Twins are set to kick off in twenty minutes, so anybody following the game online, please share you opinion on this idea.

This is a t-shirt idea I have, and as you can see, it has our upcoming player's numbers. The slogan I put was "The Future Is Now." The reason is hard to explain, but the way I see it, our future is just getting started with guys like Casilla, Slowey, Garza and many other coming in.

So far these are the numbers I have. What I want to know is who to remove (if anybody) and who to add. Right now, I don't have Castillo because it looks like Casilla may take his spot, and I want this to be a shirt for the near future as much as this season. Also, I have Hunter so I'd like to know if you think I should keep him on there.

Here are some people (numbers) you may not know:
#2 Denard Span
#21 Matt Garza
#25 Alexi Casilla
#50 Garrett Jones
#59 Kevin Slowey
#60 Glen Perkins
#47 Francisco Liriano (Yes, he's still here!)

People You May Not See:
Mike Redmond
Luis Castillo
Nick Punto
Matt Tolbert

Again, I really want to know what you think. What players should I take off, and what players should I add. Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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