July 6, 2007

Game 85: Chicago White Sox

The Twins won the first game of the series and doubleheader in a huge scoring game for both teams. The final score was 20-14, and the Twins scored those runs on a total of 21 hits. Scott Baker struggled, but at the same time did show some good signs. The Twins didn't need to use any key parts of their bullpen as Ramon Ortiz, Juan Rincon and Carmen Cali finished up the game.

Scott Baker has had his share of great starts this season, and this game just seemed to get away from him. Baker's final line was 5 innings, 9 hits, 7 runs and 6 strikeouts. Luckily for Baker, the offense was awesome and he never trailed in the game. He did get the win and is now 3-3 on the season with 5.71 ERA.

The Twins used three pitchers out of the bullpen, and they were Ramon Ortiz, Carmen Cali and Juan Rincon. Ramon Ortiz pitched pretty bad, and showed that there is no reason to have him on the roster any longer. In his two innings of work, Ortiz allowed four hits and three runs. Carmen Cali came in to finish the game, but pitched so bad that he couldn't. Cali's final line was 1.1 innings, 5 hits and 4 runs. Juan Rincon had to be brought in to get the final two outs, and he came in with the bases loaded. He walked one batter, but then finished out the game.

The offense was very good today, and posted a season high in runs with 20. Before I mention the good, lets get the bad stuff out of the way. Michael Cuddyer and Jason Tyner were the only starters that didn't collect at least one hit, Cuddyer went 0-6 and Tyner went 0-5.

The good definitely out weighed the bad today, and instead of posting all of the good things they did, I'll instead just let the stats tell the story.

Luis Castillo: 3-4; 4 Runs
Jason Bartlett: 3-6; 4 runs
Joe Mauer: 4-6; 5 RBI and 4 Runs
Michael Cuddyer: 0-6; Run
Justin Morneau: 3-5; 3 RBI and 3 Runs
Torii Hunter: 3-4; 3 RBI and 3 Runs
Jason Kubel: 2-3; 7 RBI and 1 Run
Jason Tyner: 0-5
Nick Punto: 2-5; RBI
Lew Ford: 1-1; RBI

With all of the RBI, and a few homeruns, here are the new totals for the season. RBI: Mauer (37), Morneau (66), Hunter (66), Kubel (37), Punto (15) and Ford (12). HR: Hunter (18) and Kubel (7).

For more stats, make sure to check out the Box Score.

Remember that there will be another game tonight at 7:11 CT. The Twins will send out Matt Garza to face off against Gavin Floyd and the White Sox. In addition to another game recap, I have a lot of thoughts about this game and more, so I may have an additional post as well.