July 6, 2007

Game 86: Chicago White Sox

The Twins took the second game of the doubleheader tonight with a 12-0 victory. The offense was once again very good, but the main difference in this game from the first game was the fact that the pitching was very good as well. With the win, the Twins are now 45-41 on the season, and are now six games back in the division.

With the recent demotion of Kevin Slowey, it looks like Matt Garza will have at least a few starts to prove himself. I'd say that he got off to a pretty good start with his outing tonight. Garza's final line was 6 innings, 5 hits, 0 runs and 6 strikeouts. With the win, Garza is now 1-0 on the season, and has a 0.00 ERA between his start and short relief stint.

The bullpen pitched much better than it did in the first game as Guerrier and Nathan picked up the final three innings. Matt Guerrier pitched two innings, and allowed no hits or runs. Nathan then came in for the ninth inning, and also pitched a perfect one-two-three inning of work.

In the first game, the Twins offense scored twenty runs, so that would have been hard to match. However, they played just as well in this game scoring twelve runs on their total fifteen hits. The main difference between the two games however was that eleven of the runs in the second game came off of the Twins six homeruns. As I did with the last game, I'm going to let the stats tell the story.

Oh, did I mention that Matt Garza went 0-2? With Mike Redmond starting and Mauer being the designated hitter, Redmond got hurt and was forced to leave the game. Being the only catcher on the team, the Twins were forced to bring in Mauer meaning that Matt Garza had to hit in the catchers spot. (Redmond got some stitches but is OK)

Luis Castillo: 2-4; RBI
Jason Bartlett: 1-6; Run
Joe Mauer: 1-5; Run
Michael Cuddyer: 2-4; RBI and 2 Runs
Justin Morneau: 3-5; 6 RBI and 3 Runs
Torii Hunter: 2-3; RBI and 2 Runs
Jason Kubel: 2-4; Run
Jeff Cirillo: 1-2; Run and 3 RBI
Nick Punto: 1-4; Run

As I also did with the last recap, I'm going to update the homerun and RBI totals. RBI: Morneau (72), Hunter (67), Cuddyer (53), Cirillo (19) and Castillo (13). HR: Morneau (23), Hunter (19), Cuddyer (10) and Cirillo (2).

Tomorrow morning or possibly a little later, I'm going to have a lot of notes from today, and some others that have been on my mind. It was a fun day, and a record setting day for the Twins. They gained 1.5 games in the division, and it was definitely fun to watch. Before I stop writing, I also want to mention that Morneau hit his 100th career homerun (had three in the second game), and will hopefully have many more to come.