July 7, 2007

Game 87: Chicago White Sox

Well, just one day after scoring thirty-two runs, the Twins almost got shutout and lost 3-1. Boof Bonser didn't pitch all that bad, but he did allow three runs in the fourth inning, and that was enough for the White Sox. The Twins offense looked like they were worn out, and didn't score until the ninth when they almost had a comeback.

As have many of the Twins young pitchers, Boof Bonser has had his ups and downs this season. Today, he actually pitched pretty well, and gave the Twins a chance to win. Bonser's final line was 7 innings, 4 hits, 3 runs and 4 strikeouts. It was relieving to finally see him go seven innings, but unfortunately he picked up the loss. With the loss, he is now 5-6 on the season, with a lower 4.70 ERA.

Pat Nesehk and Dennys Reyes picked up the final inning for the Twins, and did a nice job. Neshek picked up the first two outs and allowed just a bunt single. Dennys Reyes then came in to get Thome but instead picked off the runner.

The offense obviously took a step back, and even though they out hit the White Sox, they could only bring in one runner. The game actually started off looking like it was going to be another big game for the Twins, but with runners at first and second with no outs, the Twins failed to score. The key players for the Twins were Mike Redmond and Luis Castillo who each collected two hits.

The Twins almost came back in the ninth inning. Trailing 3-0, they got Cuddyer on with one out, and Morneau singled him to third. Hunter was then up and got a pitch up in the zone but just missed hitting it out. Had he hit it out, the game would gave been tied, but instead the Twins lost 3-1. Also, we do have to give credit to Buehrle because he may have been making his last start in a White Sox uniform which definitely got him pumped up.

For more stats, make sure to check out the Box Score.

Tomorrow the Twins will again play a day game against the White Sox, as they look for a series win heading into the break. In addition to the game recap, I may also have something on what Matt Tolbert did as he will be playing in the Futures Game (I think it's on ESPN).