July 18, 2007

Game 94: Detroit Tigers

The Twins lost again tonight 3-2, and fell yet another game back in the division and now stand eight back in all. Johan Santana ran into a little trouble in the fourth inning, but pitched very strong and deserved the win. The Twins offense again showed its inconsistency and scored just two runs leaving fourteen runners on base.

Joe Santana has gotten a lot of losses this season even though he has pitched brilliant. Tonight was much of the same thing as he pitched eight solid innings allowing just three runs. Santana's final line was 8 innings, 5 hits, 3 runs and 7 strikeouts. Although Santana pitched great, he was given the loss and is now 11-7 on the season with a great 2.65 ERA.

Pat Neshek pitched the only inning out of the bullpen, and looked great yet again. In his one inning of work, Neshek allowed a leadoff hit followed by three straight strikeouts. On the season, Neshek now has an awesome 1.65 ERA.

Well, everything I've recapped so far has been great, but one of the biggest factors wasn't -- the hitting. There were two bright spots for the offense tonight and those were Cuddyer and Bartlett. Cuddyer went 4-4 on the night while Bartlett went 2-5. The offense had many chances tonight, and as I already mentioned, they left fourteen runners on base. Two of the Twins biggest chances to score came with the bases loaded, but each time they found a way not to score.

Tonight's performance was hard to watch, and showed even more why we need that hitter. I don't think we can wait past this weekend especially when we now find ourselves on the brink of ten games back. Ryan better act soon, or we will have almost no shot at the playoffs. Also, what was FSN's obsession with showing Castillo having his head down tonight?

For more stats, make sure to check out the Box Score.

T-Shirt Ideas:

As I've mentioned before on here, I'm working on getting a new official logo for the site, and that will eventually become a t-shirt. However, I'd like a few other t-shirt ideas so there is more than one available. Although I do have one idea completed, I feel that there still needs to be at least one more.

So, I'm asking you guys to help me out as much as you can. You can e-mail me your ideas, or leave them in the comments section below. Please share your ideas, it would be be great and very much appreciated.

Pushing it Back:

As I mentioned yesterday, I have another interview to post. I've decided to wait until at least after tomorrow because of the game being in the day. I might wait until the next off day for the team to post it, but I'm not sure so check back often.