July 25, 2007

McDonald Sent Down

After the game today, the Twins announced that they had optioned outfielder Darnell McDonald back to AAA Rochester. In his four games, McDonald went just 1 for 10 which gave him an average of .100 during his short stay.

The Twins have not announced who will take a spot, but said that they will make a move before the game against the Indians on Friday.

There are a numerous amount of possibilities for who the spot may go to. Some include Alexi Casilla, Matt Tolbert, Brian Buscher or possibly even Denard Span. There is also the chance that the Twins have agreed to a trade, but that is unlikely because then it would have to include prospects for a major leaguer because they wouldn't have sent down Darnell if it was a MLB player getting traded.

I personally think it will be Brian Buscher. He has played well, and I think the Twins would want to get some sort of look at him because he seems to be the future at third.

None the less, I'll have the move here when it is made.