July 3, 2007

Morneau Joins Festivities

When Justin Morneau was named an All-Star on Sunday, he mentioned that he'd like to take part in as many things as possible -- including the Homerun Derby. Well, yesterday that dream became a reality as he was asked to participate in the event, and accepted.

Morneau said that he doesn't feel like inexperience will be a factor, because he says he's participated in them before, "I've been a part of them since I was little," Morneau said. "I've been a part of Little League home run derbies and then some in high school and even in the Minor Leagues a few times."

The one other confirmed member of the derby is Ryan Howard, who although isn't a part of the All-Star team, will be back to defend his crown.

In addition to Howard, others that may take part in the event include Miguel Cabrera of Florida, Barry Bonds of San Francisco, Ken Griffey Jr. of Cincinnati and Carlos Lee of Houston.

You can watch Morneau take his shot at the crown on Monday, July 9th.

He Needs Our Help...
Pat Neshek needs our help to get into the All-Star Game. With an early update on the results of the Final Vote yesterday, they showed that it was a close race with Bonderman leading, Okajima in second and Neshek in third. While they did not show a total number of votes, they did say the race was close.

As I mentioned yesterday, if we make Pat an All-Star, not only will we have another Minnesota Twin as an All-Star, we will also have a blogger as an All-Star to tell us all about what goes on behind the scenes.

So, make sure to keep voting so we can make this picture to the left a reality for both Pat and us fans.