July 24, 2007

No Recap Tonight

I can't get myself to put together a recap tonight. The game was frustrating to watch. Scott Baker pitched pretty well, but some stupid mistakes cost the Twins extra runs both on defense and offense. That however, wasn't the only reason as the Twins lost 7-0 and got shutout yet another time this season (isn't this number nine?)

I may have a game post tomorrow, but if not, I'll try to at least get some thoughts up during the game or before.

Remember, tomorrow's game is a day game, and the Twins will send Silva to the mound looking to avoid a sweep.

Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday we will get some good trade news (probably not, but there's hope). All I can say, is we really need a bat before we go to Cleavland. Also, on Thursday it's an off-day, so I'll have another interview.