July 23, 2007

Twins Going Big Time

I was watching SportsCenter this afternoon, and saw the new Joe Mauer SportsCenter Commercial. It was pretty cool, and reminded me of what La Velle mentioned earlier today about Justin Morneau being in a Canadian SportCenter commercial.

Anyways, this made me think of some of the big name commercials that I've seen Minnesota Twins players in since they've become bigger names over the last few years.

I was unable to find anything from SportsCenter with Justin Morneau, but I did find the new Joe Mauer SportsCenter commercial.

Joe Mauer (Pepsi):

Joe Mauer (SportsCenter):

Justin Morneau (New ERA):

Johan Santana (Venezuelan Pop):

If you find any other cool commercials of these Twins players or any other ones feel free to share them in the comments section and I may add them as well.