July 4, 2007

Voting Made Easy

Well, Pat Neshek is still in third place as of yesterday afternoon, but there's still time to move him up. And, the man at TwinsNation has made the voting easier and faster. Below is what this will do, and then I have linked directly to the article so you can download the setup and vote what he says, "one vote per second".

The script will uncheck the email subscription boxes automatically for you and choose Neshek to vote for. After your first vote you’ll just have to enter the verification code and click the vote button (it takes about 1 second to cast a vote!). It will also automatically redirect you back to the voting page after you submit your vote, so you don’t have to manually click the “vote again” link.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any issues installing or using it. Suggestions are welcome too. Finally, be sure to spread the word before Thursday’s deadline.

Make sure to go to the link below and download the script so Pat can become an All-Star!

Neshek Voting Made Easy!

Also, the script will also check Chris Young because he is Neshek's new running mate.

I'll have a game recap and possibly an additional post later today.