July 29, 2007

Who Now...

Before we start, I want to reassure everyone that this post has nothing to do with the ESPN show "Who's Now".

The Minnesota Twins aren't really acting like sellers, and I personally think they'll hold on to their guys and try to make an upgrade. So, assuming that, who do they go after. Yesterday, two of the top two guys that were said to be on their list, were involved in transactions. First, Dmitri Young signed a two year deal to stay in Washington. Then, Ty Wigginton got traded to the Astros for Dan Wheeler.

With these moves, I really don't know who the Twins should or will go after. Unless they are going to try to bring in an actual star player like Adam Dunn (highly unlikely), there really aren't a lot of players that they've been linked to. I've heard the name Kevin Mench, and at times even Mark Loretta (yuck!). But, these really aren't huge upgrades, and nothing that is going to give you a bigger chance at a playoff run.

I really don't know what I'm leading to with this, so I'll stop. Instead of continuing any further, I'll let you guys share what you think the Twins should do (not just buyers or seller). In addition to this, make sure to keep checking back for rumors, and on Tuesday night for the recap on the trades that went down (if any).

Wigginton Trade Recap:
I also want to share some thoughts on this trade. As I mentioned above, Ty Wigginton was traded for Dan Wheeler yesterday. Wheeler is a pretty good reliever, but I still thought the Devil Rays were asking for much more than that.

This trade makes me wonder, what would the Twins have had to give up if all the Astros had to give up was Wheeler. The Rays wanted a bullpen pitcher, that was no secret. And I know that Rincon isn't quite as good a Wheeler, but I just can't imagine they would have had to give up any big name prospects.

I guess we'll never know, and I'd hope that Terry Ryan tried some sort of deal. Who knows, maybe the Rays just wanted him out of the American League.