July 14, 2007

Wrapping It Up

I've decided to skip the minor league section because I just don't know enough about what has happened so far this season with the team's, and I don't think it'd be interesting enough for you to read. I do however plan on getting some help in the future from a minor league baseball writer, but I can't guarantee it, and will leave it at being a possibility.

Anyways, with this "At the Break" series, we were able to cover the starting pitchers, the bullpen, the lineup, the bench and the overall standing of the team. I hope you enjoyed it, and learned about how the first half of the season went for the Twins. I had a lot of fun with it myself, and definitely memorized some of the player's stats. Here are the links to the various editions if you have not checked them out yet.

Starting Pitchers
The Bullpen
The Lineup
The Bench
Overall Standing

I have some cool things in store if everything goes according to plan (our first interview) so make sure to keep checking back for that and game recaps.