July 1, 2007

Your 2007 All-Stars

Well, the roster turned out about as good as it could have as the Twins will have three All-Stars this season, and possibly four if they can get their guy in the Final Vote. There weren't really a lot of surprises other than the fact that Joe Mauer wasn't one of the two catching reserves. Having said that, his injury could have affected that.

And now, here are your 2007 Twins All-Stars...

Torii Hunter:

Hunter has had a career year so far this season, and this season's All-Star Game will be his second of his career. Hunter was chosen by the players via the player's ballot, and that in itself tells you what Hunter means to the league and how much he is respected.

Justin Morneau:

Justin Morneau is coming off a season in which he won the American League MVP, and so far this season, is putting up even better numbers than last season. This All-Star Game will be the first one of his career, as he didn't make it last season.

Johan Santana:

This selection doesn't come as much of surprise, and although some say he has pitched worse this season, the only number that would tell you that is the losses. This will be Johan's third All-Star Game, so he has become accustom to the honor.

He needs our help...

Finally, the last Twins player that has a chance to make the All-Star Game is Twins reliever Pat Neshek. Neshek is up for the Final Vote, and is going against Jeremy Bonderman, Kelvim Escobar, Roy Halladay and Hideki Okajima. If he is selected, it will be his first All-Star Game appearance, and it will also mark the fourth Twin to make it. So, click the button below, and vote, vote, vote.

Also, in the comments section, tell us what you think about the overall All-Star Rosters, who you think got snubbed and whatever else you may have to share.