August 23, 2007

Are You Kidding....

The injuries keep adding up for the Twins this season, and every time they happen, it seems as if the players on fire go down.

We've had Brian Buscher go down, right when it seemed like he was starting to hit. Michael Cuddyer went down right when he started hitting. And now, Tommy Watkins will go on the disabled list right as he is hitting very well at the major league level.

It's crazy and ridiculous, and it also shows why we're where we are in both standings. Along with our horrible inconsistency on offense (which is Terry's fault), we also have bad luck, and lose every player that is actually hitting.

Enough with the complaining though, you get the point. Watkins will go to the DL, and to take his place, Buscher will be activated.

Now, will Gardenhire be smart enough to start him right away, or will he be stupid and say he needs to play Punto to ease him into it?

[I'll have an interview tomorrow morning if I have time to post it.]