August 31, 2007

BallPark Groundbreaking

As the Twins are on a losing streak, and playoff hopes looking somewhat slim for the team, the organization and fans are all looking to the future with the groundbreaking of our upcoming ballpark in 2010.

By the year 2010, many players may not be here (Torii Hunter), many will still be here proudly wearing the uniform (Joe Mauer) and there will also be many new faces just beginning to make their mark in the major leagues (Ben Revere).

Today was a great day to be a Twins fan. We got to see a dream come true, that a times looked like would never happen. We faced contraction a few years back after numerous times failing to get a deal done. We watched as the deal fell apart, and then finally, one day we all watched as a deal was finally struck, and the Twins future in Minnesota became much brighter.

Over the past few seasons, the team has started to again become a contender, and has made the playoffs and won divisional titles.

Now, we'll have more of that to look forward to in the future as our team will be here, and when 2010 rolls around, they'll be playing where baseball is meant to be played -- outside.

Some more thoughts on the day....

- I watched the ceremony on TV, and it was cool to see all the different people there from the organization make those first holes. I really like how every part of the organization was represented, and it was also cool to see the commissioner there to celebrate this great day.

- When everything got underway, and I thought about our team's future, and also thought about an outdoor ballpark, chills went down my spine. I'm one person that really gets excited to see the young guys come up, and I also love to think about the great future ahead of us.

- One thing I want to make clear is this -- I'm not saying at all that the Twins won't be contenders until the ballpark opens. Some people may feel this way, but I personally think even next season will be a success.

I hope to have some pictures from the event as I find them, and if you were there, and want to share your feelings or thoughts, share them in the comments, or send them to be by e-mail, and I'll see if I can get some of them posted.

Here is a link to a live webcam from the park site, and a blog that might have more news on the event.

[BallPark Webcam]

[BallPark Blog]

There's only one more thing to say, "Lets build this ballpark."