August 17, 2007

Go Get Willy

According to, Willy Mo Pena is expected to either be designated for assignment or traded today in order to make room for Clay Buchholz who will start today for the Red Sox in a double header.

Word had it a while back, that he had already cleared waivers, so if he accepted a minor league trip, then he could stay with the team. However, if not, he will be released or traded.

I say, go get Willy Mo. He has to provide us more than some of the other guys that we have right now, and he has much more of an upside when he gets playing time.

Perkins to AA...
In addition to the moves that the Twins made yesterday, they have also announced that they have sent pitcher Glen Perkins to AA New Britain to start his rehab stint. The Twins should know within 10 days where he currently stands, and when he will return to the majors or AAA Rochester.