August 16, 2007

Meet Matt Macri

As you may already know, the Minnesota Twins traded Ramon Ortiz to the Colorado Rockies for minor league infielder Matt Macri. From what I've seen Macri looks like a pretty good player, and this trade looks pretty good for the Twins considering Ortiz didn't pitch very much anyways.

David OhNo from Purple Row offered up the best scouting report I could find, and a few keys parts include: He can play third base and he has good but not great power. Two things I really like. Anyways, here is the complete report from David.

He can play third, more offensively than defensively though. I've
seen him play third several times this year, and he has soft hands, good range
and a strong arm, but he can get a little mechanical with his footwork and
throwing motion, leading to errant throws or poor positioning to turn double
plays. He was a short stop at Notre Dame, though, so the athleticism is
there for him to improve at the position.

Offensively, the one big tool he's shown this year is power.
Macri has a compact swing with a slight uppercut that he uses to pepper
the left center gap with line drives. Most of the homers I've seen at
Tulsa have come from pulled balls, and he's had some impressive homers over the
net protecting the street behind Driller Stadium (tough visual reference, but
think 20 rows up left field at the Metrodome.) His patience is only
adequate, and he will chase balls out of the zone. I don't know if he'll
consistently hit .300 in the bigs, but wouldn't be surprised if he had a
.280/.330/.480 line in the pros soon, with 20-25 homer potential.

The knocks have been his defensive inconsistencies and health.
This is the first year in two years Macri has had a lengthy stretch of
time playing, and he's still missed time at the start of this season. At
25, he's not likely to improve much, but with a .200 ISO in Tulsa right now, the
package is pretty solid.

I don't think you guys are getting any All-Star in the making, but he's
already better than Punto, and as long as you get a handful of above average
seasons for peanuts, you've walked away with a steal.