August 2, 2007

Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Last night, just about an hour before the game, the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed about a mile away from the Metrodome. I spent a lot more time watching the coverage of this sad story, but I did manage to watch parts of the Minnesota Twins game, and from the box score can tell a little bit more. Here are some of my notes.

- Juan Rincon showed again why A) he can't be trusted in tight games and B) why he should no longer be with the organization.

- The Twins luckily didn't lose any games in any race as both the Tigers and Indians lost their games.

- Boof Bonser put up the Twins fifth straigh quality start, lasting seven innings and allowing just two runs.

- The Twins rookies, Alexi Casilla and Brian Buscher, each picked up hits on the game. Buscher is now hitting .308 since his callup.

There might be more I could share, but it just doesn't seem right to be talking about baseball. Our prayers from Twins Territory go out to everybody who was involved, and their families.

One other note is that the Minnesota Twins have cancelled today's game against the Royals, and have also postponed the New Ballpark Groundbreaking.