August 15, 2007

Ramon Ortiz Traded

Ramon Ortiz has been traded to the Colorado Rockies according to Ron Gardenhire in the post-game report.

According to a few reports, Ortiz will be heading to the Colorado Rockies for AA second baseman Matt Macri. He doesn't look like a horrible player, and this gives Ortiz a chance to start again, and more importantly, for a team that probably has a better chance currently leading the NL West. In addition to this, Marci was just promoted to AAA after a strong season at AA.

Matt Macri looks like a pretty decent player to me. He is currently at AAA, and his stats are what you see below.

2007 Season Stats
@ AA79468223011


@ AAA316201400.667.667

Ortiz was a great player to have on the team, and helped especially early on in the season in April. He was very good about his situation, and didn't hesitate when the Twins sent him into the bullpen. He was truly a stand up guy, and he'll be missed in the clubhouse for sure.

Best of luck to him in Colorado, and hopefully he'll be able to step into the rotation, and turn things back around where the players haven't seen him.

[Twins Get Marci - Rocky Mountain News]