August 26, 2007

Reyes to DL

As I mentioned in my last post, Joe Mauer injured his leg yesterday, and Chris Heintz was called up for insurance after the game.

Today, the Twins gave us some good news on Mauer, placing Reyes on the 15-day disabled list instead of him to make room for Chris Heintz on the roster.

According to Gardenhire, Mauer was in the trainers room today, and had no discoloring, and it might have just been a cramp. He could still miss time, but it isn't known yet when he'll return to action.

As for Reyes, don't worry. His injury is something with his left elbow that happened after he banged it on a chair. So, doesn't sound to serious.

Oh by the way, the Twins picked Heintz over Morales for some reason. Still not known why they wouldn't take the better hitter, but maybe it is just a short term thing, or they didn't want to add him to the 40-man roster this late in the season?