August 22, 2007

Rodriguez Optioned

The Minnesota Twins finally made a good move, as they decided to recall Julio DePaula from AAA Rochester, and rather then send down a young guy, they sent down an unproductive hitter in Luis Rodriguez.

I don't have a problem with Luis Rodriguez, but I did have a problem with some of the moves the Twins were making. Had they sent down someone like Watkins, I would have been very mad. However, they surprised me, and made the right move by keeping him up here and sending down L-Rod.

Rodriguez hadn't gotten more than one at-bat since August 9th, so it was the sensible move. But, it was unexpected as the Twins had stuck with him during several other roster moves earlier in the season.

DePaula's call was the second of the season for him, and he was 12-5 with a 2.90 ERA in a total of 49 games for the Red Wings.

Now, if only they will send Punto packing when Buscher returns....