August 2, 2007

Series Will Go On

Earlier today, the Minnesota Twins decided to have a "meeting" to decide whether they would cancel any or all of the games for this weekend's series at the Metrodome. They have decided to play as planned, and all four games will go on.

They do however, encourage all fans to use the city transportation if possible, and if you can't, they want everybody to be aware that there will be delays.

In addition to this, the Twins and Royals have decided to make up today's game on August 31st as a part of a split doubleheader at the Metrodome. On that day, the first game will be at 1:10 and the other as scheduled at 7:10.

Off-Day Links:
- Over at Bugs and Cranks, they have a post about Bombo Rivera. In addition to that, make sure to check out Bugs and Cranks often, it's always a fun read no matter whether or not it's about the Twins.

- Michael Cuddyer is supposed to be back for tomorrow's game. I'll have a link to the roster move here is it happens tonight. I'm going to guess that Luis Rodriguez gets sent out.

- Again, I know this isn't a Minnesota Timberwolves site, but there isn't a lot of Twins news, and the Wolves schedule is out. As you can see, KG's return will be on ESPN.

- Finally, to stay up to date with all Wolves news, check out I Heart KG.