August 21, 2007

Some Needed Notes

There have been some things that I wanted to share with everybody about the Twins, and I've decided to do that now rather than wait until the next off day.

So, here they are....

- As I mentioned, Brian Buscher looks to be on schedule to return to the Twins this week. So far in his rehab stint, he has went 4-9 with a homerun and two RBI.

- Meanwhile, when Buscher returns, the Twins will need to send someone down to make room for him. All I can say, is it better not be Tommy Watkins. Watkins has played very well both in the field and on offense, and if they send him down, I'll go crazy. There are so many better options such as Luis Rodriguez (this guy hasn't played more than one at-bat since August 9th).

- As you may recall, I shared my thoughts on Willy Mo Pena. Well, he was traded to the Washington Nationals for a player to be named, and the Red Sox also paid for some of his contract. This was bad enough, but now he's hit two homeruns in two games for the Nationals. Way to take a shot, Terry.

- In other injury news, Jason Bartlett is feeling much better, and could return any day now. This is good news as it will hopefully add another bat. Oh, did I mention that Glen Perkins pitched his first rehab start and went 2.1 innings allowing 2 hits and 1 run?

- Another trade note: Criag Monroe is up for grabs after being DFA by the Tigers. As of now, they are trying to trade him, and I think the Twins should take a shot. It might be hard with the Tigers being a rival, but if he falls to free agency, Ryan better make a move.

- Finally, lets not get down on Matt Garza after last night. It was one bad start, and his only one of the season so far. Yes, it was pretty ugly, but lets see how he responds next time out.