August 13, 2007

Span Heating Up

A few days ago, I talked about how Matt Tolbert has continued to impress even after being passed upon for other players. It isn't the same story for Denard Span, but the ending, and the outlook is still the same -- he is playing well, and like Tolbert will someday soon see the big leagues.

The beginning is almost opposite for Span, to start the season, he did everything but impress the fans and organization. He batted in the low .200's for much of the first half, but when the month of June hit, the hits started rolling for Span, and he begun to heat up.

In June, Span hit .290 with 29 hits and 10 RBI. In, July, it continued as he hit .273 with 24 hits and again, 10 RBI. And now, August has begun, and about halfway through, he has hit .300 with 12 hits. All of these numbers are nearly opposite the first two months. In April it was .214 with just 15 hits, and in May .212 with 25.

Where the season stands now, he is hitting just .252, but that average is actually very good considering where he started. As you know being a baseball fan, once you collected enough hits and at-bats, your average only slowly rises and drops with each out and hit.

So, the fact that Span went into June with a .213 average, and over just two and a half months later has raised it 39 points in very impressive.

I still don't know if Span is ready to fully take over for Hunter in center next season, and the Twins desperately need Hunter to remain with the team. But non the less, Span will soon see his time in the big leagues whether it be as a bench player and spot starter or as an everyday player.