August 14, 2007

Twins Are Fading

With the way last season went, and the way baseball works in general, there is no such thing as "giving up". But, with the Twins on a five game slide as of late, things are really starting to get out of hand and head south.

The Twins have had very good streaks this season, mainly the one right after the break in which they gained four or five games in the division. But since that streak ended, they have managed to score very few runs, fall below the five hundred mark and fall pretty far back in both races.

A sweep of the Mariners would have been huge, but with the loss last night, the best they can do is win the final two games of the series and gain one game overall. This would still put them seven games back in the Wild Card, and other teams such as the Yankees, Tigers or Indians and Toronto are all ahead of them.

On the other side, the division race is the same situation. They have games left with both the Tigers and Indians, but would have to win a good share of them, and sitting seven games back, it'll be tough to gain ground even with those remaining games. In addition to these two teams, the Sox have played well, and the Twins haven't had much success against the Royals so they may hurt their chances also.

As I said, the words "giving up" cannot be used just yet because of past success. But the Twins are fading, and if things don't turn around soon, it might be time to look towards next season when F-Bomb returns and the Twins look to contend again.

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