August 31, 2007

Twins Make Move, More Coming

The Minnesota Twins have made a roster move today, there are more that we know are coming and then there is some speculation of some others that might happen when September rolls around tomorrow.

Lets get to it....

First off, the Twins have announced that they have out-righted pitcher Jason Miller off the 40-man roster and sent him to AAA Rochester. This opens a spot on that roster, and now gives the Twins two spots open all together.

In addition to this, there is word that the Twins have said that Kevin Slowey will indeed be called up as a September call up most likely tomorrow, and will pitch sometime next week. Also getting the call for sure will be Luis Rodriguez and Lew Ford.

Now, the speculation....

First, it is said that the Twins will pass the deadline tonight and won't make any trades. There were some rumors about Silva, but those don't look likely. There was also a rumor about Garrett Atkins, but that isn't likely either.

As for the rest of the September call ups, they say there won't be a lot, but a catcher and pitcher are possible. With two spots on the 40-man roster for players to be added, Jose Morales and someone like Tolbert or a pitcher of some sort can be expected.

Plus, Watkins and Reyes will be able to fit on the roster when they are activated from the disabled list.

[Looks like the Twins will lose the first game of the doubleheader.]